‘I knew I had to act': Svenja's story

Svenja had seen the images of people fleeing violence. She knew she had to do something. But what? 

Community Sponsorship helps refugees ‘come home to Wales'

Discover how a town in Wales came together to welcome a refugee family. Now the children are fluent in Welsh and English!

‘Dream comes true' for Syrian family welcomed to Manchester

In 2018, Noura, Sakeer and their family arrived in Manchester through the Community Sponsorship scheme, after living in harsh conditions in Lebanon.

‘They push me so I can stand without help': Hani and Amneh's new lives in the UK

In 2017, Syrian refugees Hani, Amneh and their two children were welcomed to a new life in England, thanks to Abide, a community sponsor group in Devon.

The Aranout family were sponsored to find safety in a small town in Devon

Hear from the Aranout family and their community sponsors about their Community Sponsorship journey.

Hear from some of the first Community Sponsorship groups set up when the programme launched in 2016

Hear from 2 Community Sponsorship groups in Wales and Greater Manchester about their experiences of sponsoring refugees. 

Hear from a sponsored refugee family and their community sponsors in Devon

The Alamary Family were welcomed to Devon by their community sponsors. In this video from the Pickwell Foundation, they explain how this has impacted them.

Hear from Community Sponsors about what makes sponsoring refugees so special

Let these Community Sponsors explain why you should sponsor refugees.

Paying it forward - Syrian family cooking for care workers during Covid-19

Watch this report from Citizens UK and ITV News Wales about a family resettled through Community Sponsorship who have been finding ways to give back to the people who welcomed them.

Abdullah Alkhalaf's Community Sponsorship story

Abdullah Alkhalaf describes the impact that Community Sponsorship had on himself and his family.